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Video: RedStone President Chris Samples

RedStone began its work as a general contractor with the mission to serve its clients and the construction industry as a whole.

“I wanted to start Redstone to do it different and to be different than the construction process we had seen previously,” said RedStone President Chris Samples.

He set out to build a company that would improve the construction experience through transparency and collaboration.

“No relationship is going to be successful in my opinion without trust. The first step in trust is keeping your word as a contractor,” he says.

To Samples, trust, in turn, promotes open communication and collaboration, which is the first building block in the foundation of a partnership.

He says the RedStone team takes the collaborative process a step further by thinking “outside the box” to deliver value-producing concepts to the client before they ask for them. That builds a relationship and creates the understanding that RedStone’s goals are aligned with whatever serves the client best.

“If our clients can say, ‘We trust this contractor to come and deliver the ideas they presented to us,’ at the end of the day, that project is a huge success.”

In the following video, Chris discusses the founding principles of the company and the importance of serving as the client’s trusted advocate.