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From the Field to the Office

Charles Grothe, an intern on our RedStone team, studies Construction Management Technology at Oklahoma State University and assists on the hotel section of the Phase II expansion of the River Spirit Casino in Tulsa, Okla.

After meeting a RedStone representative at his university’s construction management career fair and hearing about the company’s past projects, Charles decided an internship at RedStone was the perfect next step in advancing him toward his career goals.

He enjoys learning all aspects of construction management on job sites, and he ultimately hopes to become a project manager.

Charles says his immediate interest in construction management classes led him to the construction field, but he also credits the internship for assisting him with career decisions. Charles says the internship helped reaffirm “that this is what I want to do as a career.”

Charles believes working in the field will provide him with hands-on experience that will benefit him as he advances in his career.

 “I want to do some work in the field first so I get to see and learn more about the hands-on material before I start to work in the office,” says Charles. “I know I will have a better understanding of what I am doing, and I will be able to relate to the employees on the job site and work in a way beneficial to both sides to make the job run as efficiently as I can make it.”

Charles’ choice of RedStone for his internship stemmed from his eagerness to participate in large projects. His desire was fulfilled as he is currently working on River Spirit Casino, the largest hotel and casino combination in the Tulsa area.

RedStone has internship opportunities throughout the year in various departments. If you are interested in applying for one of these positions, please visit our Careers page.